Relentless Desecration

by Unspoken Triumph

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released November 12, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Unspoken Triumph
Artwork by Scylla (
Logo Design by Christopher Horst (

Tracks #3 and #5 co-written by Ryan Smith (2011-2012)



all rights reserved


Unspoken Triumph Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Track Name: Repentance (Etched In Blood)
i’ve severed every weakness
still surviving each dissection
now i’m sawing off my poisoned arm
to fight the next infection
i’ve conquered bitter human hell
behold my transformation
now there will be no atonement
only my restitution

i’ve walked alone for so long it seems like all i’ve ever known or ever will
this is my fate, this is my strife
yet i remain forever chained to solitude and pain because of you
this is my bane, this is my life

i’ve cut away my conscience
amputating my contrition
all mortality asunder as
my wounds bear your attrition
i’ve extirpated all trust
sacrificing my convictions now
you must destroy something you love
to gain my exculpation

you seek to hold my favor
mere words are not enough
i demand a righteous sacrifice
how can i trust you now?
repentance etched in blood
i demand that you suffer as i do now

you had your way with everything i ever cared for
with no regard, you turned your back and broke all bonds
now time has passed, but my hate for you is still an open wound
and i will not forgive without something you’ve sacrificed
Track Name: Black Dogma
i am the solitary vessel
of the cosmic truth of all
bestowed with virulence
and blessed with knowledge of the one true law
hear my dismal broken gospel
black is now the path you take
enthroned antithesis
our souls eternally aligned with hate

the path of light will only cloud your mind
denial now creating mass delusion
the universe craves equilibrium
inspiring this relentless desecration

i am the birth of your abhorrence
of this wretched dying world
entwine your fate with mine
embrace the balance darkness will reward

empowered through chaos
evoking malevolence
black dogma exhorted
apocrypha distorted
forsaken existence
vehement antagonist
black dogma inflicted
my power unrestricted now

i am the solitary vessel
of this wretched dying world
enthroned antithesis
embrace the balance darkness will reward
Track Name: No Sympathy For Suicide
blistering cold
alone in my misery
my thoughts can’t escape
these reflections of you
oh, the bliss you must feel
to know i am fallen
but know that i’m not
the same man you once knew

and as they crowd around
to praise the wounds
they did inflict
i take a vow
to not become
a victim of the human race

for i’ve felt the weight of the world
as it held me down
the angels have no sympathy
no sympathy for suicide

heartless and cold
awake in my agony
you can no longer pierce
that which does not exist
true nature is grim
so then i become cruelty
i will not submit
in your spite i shall live

and yes i’ve tried to die
too many times
but it didn’t take
what would have changed
if i’d become
the epitome of human waste

yes i’ve seen the face of the world
as it held me under
i’ve no more love to give
to those who seek to worship my tragedy
cause i’ve seen the hate in this world
as it shoved me down
the angels have no sympathy
no sympathy for suicide

worthless and cold
my pride is your misery
now that we’re all fallen
you’ll confess your sins
but unlike any god
i offer no forgiveness
you’ve earned all your agony
in my spite you will live

and now you hunger for
the kiss of death
to show your worth
to walk the path
i couldn’t take
a righteous purge of human faith

so you’ve felt the pain of my world
as it dragged you under
i’ve no advice to give
to those who have no honor or loyalty
and you’ll know the face of my world
when it kicks you down
and i will have no sympathy
no sympathy for your suicide
Track Name: Marauders Of Bedlam
i call ye
worshipers of chaos
take up arms for there's a thirst to conquer
the legion of the black
commands destruction of false idols

the thunder of our charge is doom
on blackened wings of hell we fly
reduce their fate to ashen dust
they curse our name before they die

before they die!

before they
see the end of life
they gaze upon the dreams our wrath hath broken
the legion of the black
demands the ruin of their temple

warlords of chaos
raise your fists for now the light is conquered
the legion of the black
transcends beyond balance incarnate

marauders of unholy doom
we've sworn allegiance to the night
leave only bedlam in our wake
their legacy will be denied

watch as light gives way to darkness

give no mercy
spare no suffering
all opposition
will know annihilation

they day has come
the seal is broken
their end incarnate
as darkness reigns
the path is set
their spirit broken
the light extinguished
as black remains

conquerors of chaos
hold your banners high
in vicious fury
the legion of the black
forever charging

hear now these words
your will to fight empowered
let nothing block your path
let no one rise against you

unsheathe your blades
prepare the final slaughter
unleash your hate
upon this tyrant world

watch as light falls prey to darkness
Track Name: Ocean Of Storms
the skies forever darken
the seas begin to boil
as we slaughter our brethren
for the low cost of oil
and the nations now crumble
as kings kneel to crooks
our new hi-def messiahs
cremated the books

for the end has become everpresent
perpetual doom now an assured reality
all is lost but the concept of pain
as all you've ever loved is swept up and hurled into the void
burning streets, screaming masses
the ground divides and the waters give way
all is lost but the notion of loss
as all you've ever cared for is crushed and cast into the void

the sum of all of man's progress now rendered to flame
ashen remains washed away in the rising flood
survivors cower at the horror they now must endure
the black horizon reveals inescapable truth

as the hand of fate closes its grip on this withering world
the sins of humanity judged by this elemental prejudice
as the sun and moon seem to collide and converge in the sky
the reign of mankind now eclipsed and erased by this ocean of storms

mountains burn, winds breathe fire
the seas will rise but extinguish no flames
all is lost but the concept of pain
as all you've ever loved is swept up and hurled into the void
cities fall, cultures perish
the guilty and innocent alike are all slain
all is lost but the notion of loss
as all you've ever cared for is crushed and cast into the void

this forgotten prophecy was never foretold
for the wisdom of the ancients
was not to be sold
now the end is upon us
with nothing left to sell
for you can't spend your fortunes
when you're burning in hell

the end is nigh

where's the moral? what's the lesson?
indescriminate extinction ensured
eradicated by an unconcious enemy
the reign of mankind now eclipsed by this ocean of storms
Track Name: Crown The Bastard King
enthrone your golden idol
entranced by serpent's gaze
infatuation with hope
ensnared by warrants made

you had said
there was nothing more to fear
you had read
darkest days are now extinct
your mistake
you overlooked the backroom deals
might as well
crown the fucking bastard king

obeys the whims of shadows
alliance held with thieves
usurper of dependence
enables wanton greed

as lightning from the heavens
strikes all painted rivals down
destroyer of rebellion
waged against the holy crown

now you see
power lust is never pure
now you know
the truth behind that handsome grin
never trust
a promise tied to man's ambition
might as well
crown that crooked bastard king

all hope
is gone forever

i witness as the legions cling
to their fruitless devotion
they do not wish to ever see
beyond their native notions

i abhor
the frailty of resistance now
i object
to giving in so easily
but i have failed
and man has fallen much too far
might as well
crown that fucking bastard king
Track Name: Traditional Ignorance
a plague infects your mind
and spreads like venom to your children
submission to your captor
cling to your tainted chapters
you claim this righteous text
while all your actions stink of madness
you preach your right to judgment
step up and cast the first stone

i will not let your prejudice
define the path i follow
archaic manuscripts can't justify
a heart gone hollow
take one look at your fellow man
and see beyond the stigma
your power ends where mine begins
to hell with your agenda

the ignorant zealots
kneel to the altar of hate
tradition of darkness
blind to their broken faith
the ignorant children
led to the altar of hate
traditional brainwash
blind to their cursed fate

how can a soul be saved
that only seeks to sentence others?
my life is mine to live
no master holds the chains around my throat
so what gives you the right
to be the judge of my damnation?
if your hate is heaven-sent
then hell is where i'll gladly call my home

you disrespect the dead
who fell to save your shit opinions
no patience for your poison
no faith in your religion
if god exists
then i reject the doctrine you've presented
no trust in your perspective
no faith in your directive

i will not let your bigotry
suppress our human progress
your tongue is free to spew its filth
my blade now yearns to claim it
your ancient tome does not apply
your cult does not belong here
i pray to purge you from the earth
your doom grows ever nearer